School of Psych | Insightful interviews and stories about psychology, culture, and relationships.

Twice a month, psychologist and therapist Jared DeFife, Ph.D. presents insightful interviews and stories about psychology, culture, and relationships from amazing experts with great stories to tell and meaningful wisdom to share. The School of Psych podcast is less about giving "5 simple tips for a great marriage" and more about people sharing deep and heartfelt stories like "what I learned about the psychology of fear from dangling off the ledge of 1,000 ft tall building" or "how I went from a reluctant bride to counseling couples as New York's 'Wedding Doctor'", and "how my journey to learn about unrequited love and romantic obsession began after becoming obsessed with someone who didn't love me back". Along the way, we'll learn about love, life, loss, fear, anger, joy, creativity, and happiness. Authors, sociologists, psychologists, journalists, therapists, artists, and more will be asked to dig deep into their own personal passions, triumphs, heartbreaks, failures, and eureka moments to help us learn more about who we are, what we think, and how we relate. Show notes and more can be found over at
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School of Psych | Insightful interviews and stories about psychology, culture, and relationships.

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Jan 2, 2016

For Margee Kerr, PhD, dangling from the ledge of a 1,000 ft. tall tower with nothing but a harness, a carabiner, and an odd set of safety instructions is just another day in the life. Whether it’s hanging out in haunted prisons, trekking the globe to find the world’s tallest and fastest rollercoasters, or contemplating life and death in Japan’s Suicide Forest, Margee investigates the effects of fear on our minds, bodies, and brains. 

Find out why one Washington Post reporter called Margee’s book Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear “the creepiest book I read this year”.

Margee isn’t content just studying the science and psychology of fear, she wants to experience it herself. And on today’s episode, she shares some of her adventures and experiences and what she learned along the way about what scares us and why.

Listen to find out about:
-How roller coasters, thrill rides, and haunted houses create effective physical thrills and jolts by shaking up your body and your brain.
-What makes a place "haunted" and why are old prisons, hospitals, and institutions so creepy?
-Is infrasound giving you the chills without you knowing about it?
-Can a thrilling experience help us overcome worry and anxious rumination?
-What’s the scariest experience of them all?

Find out on today’s episode of the School of Psych! For more frightfully good times, subscribe to the podcast and check us out over at

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